Final Days

Remember my post in March about Blogging After August?

I’ve mentioned my plans to shut this blog down. The past summer break has given me more opportunities to think and pray about it. It hasn’t changed my mind about this step, though. I will neither renew the subscription of my blog nor renew its domain ― both of them are running out by the end of August. The Carmen In Ireland blog will have to come to an end now.

One of the reasons, which I had mentioned back in March, is my disappointment in the current provider. Another reason is the time factor. I want to reach my goal, of finishing my book about dog training, by the end of this year. Time will be limited. I will have to cut down on the amount of blogs I’m writing. Last but not least, in fact the main reason for shutting down this blog is that I want to spend more time focusing on things that have eternal value.

Yes, I will still be posting about the Emerald Isle and its people. Yes, the musings, wanderings through Ireland, stories about the differences in culture, recipes, and some tips on how to do things, here in Ireland, will continue. However, they will be less frequent and from now on found on The Christian Homemaker’s Blog and on Mirjam Fels’ Blog.

Thank you, my faithful readers, here on Carmen In Ireland. It has been a pleasure to write for you and to see so many of you following along. I hope you have enjoyed reading more about our journey and life and that you have gained one or the other useful tip about living in Ireland. It would be lovely to meet you over at The Christian Homemaker and/or Mirjam Fels.

Blessings from Ireland,

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Summer Break

Carmen in Ireland is now closed for the summer break.

The days are getting brighter. There is less rain coming down. Summer is here! Finally we are able to spend more time outdoors. 

One of the things I will need to work on is my garden. It is about time to plant the flowers. Two window boxes are waiting to be filled. The weeds have reached a certain height and need to be taken care of. This year I’m not going to plant many edible flowers. I only have a small amount of fruits and herbs to look after.   

I will spend more time writing and finishing my book about dog training (from a Christian perspective). Fact is, I have been working on this project for over a year now but I have been putting it at the bottom of my priority list. I want to finish it. I need to finish it — especially since the next project is already lined up.

I’m not placing all of my four blogs on hold, just the two Ireland ones. You will still find me at my two other blogs: The Christian Homemaker and Mirjam Fels’ Blog.

We will meet again end of July 2019. Have a nice and blessed holiday time and safe travels throughout the summer.  

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Driving on the Left

It must be odd, left-hand driving. Do you think so? Have you ever been in a country where there is left-hand traffic? Did you drive/rent a car there? How did it make you feel, driving on the “wrong” side of the road, with the steering wheel placed on the “wrong” side of the car?

Do you ever get used to driving on the left?


In fact, after driving in Ireland for nearly nine years now, I find it rather strange to go back to anything else but left-hand traffic. True, there are still some situations I’m not too keen about facing: parking in sideways and reversing. That’s when I’m still tempted for a few seconds to move my head toward the right to look over my right shoulder while parking or reversing. It doesn’t work that way, though!

The first few weeks, after we had just bought our car here in Ireland, had been a bit challenging. Unaccustomed, I had to get into the car at the opposite side of the car. Coming out of a store and walking toward the car I often unlocked it at the passenger side. Realising it, I just put some item on the seat, shut the door as nothing unusual had happened, walked around the car and got in on the other side. 🙂 Then, there had been several occasions when I had grasped at nothing instead of getting a hold of the seat belt. I also remember that strange movement of having to shift with my left hand instead of with my right.

It has been nearly three years ago now, that, for the first time in six years, I had been back in Germany again. My sister in law picked me up from the airport. Getting into her car over at the “wrong” side of it was very odd. She was driving on the “wrong” side of the road, flying across the Autobahn and passing cars on the other side of the road. That felt so strange. But do you know what had been the worst of it of all? Approaching a roundabout, due to the direction of entering and driving in it, I had nearly lost it and almost scream: “Oh no!” 🙂

The difference of driving a roundabout in Germany compared to in Ireland lies not only in the direction but also in the rules. That’s another story for another blog…

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