What Would You Miss the Most

If you are already living in Ireland, my question to you is: What do you miss most? What are some of the things you’d wish you could enjoy in Ireland, too?

I miss the Feldwege (farm lanes) a lot. We used to walk for hours on these in Germany. They are great for walking the dog/s. Some of them are in the middle of farmer fields or woods, others are next to a road leading from one small town to the other. I also miss listening to church bells ringing, especially around Christmas time… Then I miss a few areas we have visited while still living in Germany — areas like the Black Forrest or Reutte and others.

Yes, there are also some foods we are missing now and then. Sometimes we’ll get a parcel from our family in Germany, at other times we’ll order some from one or the other online store.

Next month, my school friend is coming over and she has already asked for a list of things we would like to have. She mentioned that she has booked a 20kg suitcase to bring along. Whoaw! Let’s start thinking of all the things she could bring along… 😛

If you are not yet living in Ireland but planning on moving here, perhaps you should start making a list of things you want to bring along?

About Carmen W. (Mirjam Fels)

I'm a help meet, homemaker, mom, and writer, born and raised in Germany, now living in the Sunny South East of Ireland. I’m writing for and about Christian women who want to know more about homemaking in light of God’s Word. Using my pen name, Mirjam Fels, I'm blogging about the Christian life, home education and writing.
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2 Responses to What Would You Miss the Most

  1. wgaughan says:

    Forests. I still miss forests. And book shops. Buchpreisbindung really does create a vastly different landscape… When I first moved here, I received “care parcels” with sweets, baking ingredients, tea etc, and I pretty much lived from parcel to parcel. Since then, I have embraced and learned to live with what Ireland has to offer (although Lidl and especially the small Polish food shops have helped). There are things I miss about Germany, of course, but I love where I live now.

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    • Carmen W. says:

      Thank you for stopping by, reading my blog and taking the time writing this comment. I love it!

      So, you have discovered the „German“ goodies in Lidl and the Polish food shops, eh? It‘s faszinating how familiar many of the items in a Polish store look for us, even though their names and descriptions are written in a foreign language, isn‘t it?

      That is so wonderful to read: „There are things I miss about Germany, of course, but I love where I live now.“ Same here 😉

      Merry Christmas! Frohe Weihnachten!


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