Summer Break

Carmen in Ireland is now closed for the summer break.

The days are getting brighter. There is less rain coming down. Summer is here! Finally we are able to spend more time outdoors. 

One of the things I will need to work on is my garden. It is about time to plant the flowers. Two window boxes are waiting to be filled. The weeds have reached a certain height and need to be taken care of. This year I’m not going to plant many edible flowers. I only have a small amount of fruits and herbs to look after.   

I will spend more time writing and finishing my book about dog training (from a Christian perspective). Fact is, I have been working on this project for over a year now but I have been putting it at the bottom of my priority list. I want to finish it. I need to finish it — especially since the next project is already lined up.

I’m not placing all of my four blogs on hold, just the two Ireland ones. You will still find me at my two other blogs: The Christian Homemaker and Mirjam Fels’ Blog.

We will meet again end of July 2019. Have a nice and blessed holiday time and safe travels throughout the summer.  

About Carmen W. (Mirjam Fels)

I'm a help meet, homemaker, mom, and writer, born and raised in Germany, now living in the Sunny South East of Ireland. You can find me at where I’m writing about Life in Ireland and at where I'm posting about Christian homemaking. Additionally, using my pen name, Mirjam Fels, I'm running a small blog about writing and home education.
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