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About Carmen W. (Mirjam Fels)

I'm a help meet, homemaker, mom, and writer, born and raised in Germany, now living in the Sunny South East of Ireland. You can find me at where I’m writing about Life in Ireland and at where I'm posting about Christian homemaking. Additionally, using my pen name, Mirjam Fels, I'm running a small blog about writing and home education.

Final Days

Remember my post in March about Blogging After August? I’ve mentioned my plans to shut this blog down. The past summer break has given me more opportunities to think and pray about it. It hasn’t changed my mind about this … Continue reading

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Summer Break

Carmen in Ireland is now closed for the summer break. The days are getting brighter. There is less rain coming down. Summer is here! Finally we are able to spend more time outdoors.  One of the things I will need … Continue reading

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Driving on the Left

It must be odd, left-hand driving. Do you think so? Have you ever been in a country where there is left-hand traffic? Did you drive/rent a car there? How did it make you feel, driving on the “wrong” side of … Continue reading

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