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One Of Those Days and Surprises From Germany

Except for Monday, it had been one of those days… all week long. At the moment, I’m taking a forced break from baking more Christmas biscuits. Last weekend one of my dogs started limping again. Since about two years this … Continue reading

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Advantages Of Online Shopping

It’s fun going places during the summertime. I don’t mind driving to the next town when the weather is nice. However, during wintertime I prefer to stay at home as much as possible. That’s the time for me to order … Continue reading

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It was time for Missy to get her annual booster, so we drove up to Dublin on Monday. “You are driving all the way up to Dublin just to visit the vet?” “Yes.” “Why? Can’t you find one here?” We … Continue reading

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Living in Ireland you will eventually need a PPS (Personal Public Service) number. Who will need to know this number and what is it used for?  People and organizations like your bank, your employer, the HSE, the National Driver Licence Service and … Continue reading

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Future Posts

I’m thrilled to see you here! Over the past two weeks I have moved some of the old posts of 4inIreland to this new Carmen In Ireland blog. The transfer is complete now. Thank you for your understanding and patience. Future posts will … Continue reading

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Power Outages – Be Prepared

In Ireland it’s not that uncommon to experience a few power cuts a year — especially in rural areas. 😉 Sometimes they’ll last for a few hours; at other times it might take a few days until the problem is … Continue reading

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Bringing Your Dog To Ireland

Bringing your dog/s to Ireland used to be a big hassle. Today this is much easier but there are still a few things to consider. When we brought Rapsy to Ireland in 2011 he was already microchipped, had a passport … Continue reading

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